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AMSP deluxe edition
» студийная
» 2018-5-29 Milan (дебют; Том и Найджел соло)
» Spectre opening titles
» 2018-5-29 Milan
» 2018-7-7 Chicago (band debut)

группа обнародовала песню под рождество 2015 года, как подарок всем фэнам. песня была написала для новейшей серии Бондианы, но в фильму не попала! позднее, была добавлена в качестве бонус-трека на делюкс-издание AMSP.

в 2017 году Сэм Мендес рассказал BBC6 подробности этой истории: как появилась эта песня и почему ее нет в фильме.

Radiohead were commissioned first and originally recorded Man of War (!!!). Everyone loved it, but decided they needed a newly written song for various reasons, including academy award eligibilityю They then asked Sam Smith, and a bit later Thom asked to give it another go. Smith delivered Writing's On the Wall first, and the producers thought it fit better as Radiohead's was a bit too melancholy for the opening credits Thom was happy to have their song used elsewhere in the film, but ultimately they couldn't make it workю Mendes has seen the credits cut with Radiohead's track on Youtube and thinks it's fabulous!!

Джонни: "J: It wasn’t right for the film what we did. So we thought ‘Great! Then it’s ours. So we can finish it how will it’s meant to be and we can release it.’ So that side of it was really positive you know. But I guess there’s lots of people interested in who does it, there’s a lot riding on it and the song we did was just too dark or whatever, so that’s fine. Which means we get to have it back and it’s ours and we got to put it out. We’re really, really proud of it. Why be like attached to an old fashioned idea of what a James Bond thing was and it being a big deal? It’s like it’s sort of stupid to get worked up about really".

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I'm lost, I'm a ghost
Dispossessed, taken host
My hunger burns a bullet hole
A spectre of my mortal soul
These rumors and suspicion
Anger is a poison
The only truth that I could see
Is when you put your lips to me
Futures tricked by the past
Spectre, how he laughs

Fear puts a spell on us
Always second-guessing love
My hunger burns a bullet hole
A spectre of my mortal soul
The only truth that I can see
Spectre has come for me



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