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lots of Radiohead' interviews
them better. the english texts

(all copyrights are

 are being translated into russian for you to know
 are supplied as original sources, for reference, as well.
 respectively holded by their holders).  enjoy!



the interview 8/13

Thom's inteview

Rolling stone 4/12

great full-band interview on TKOL

Frente 4/12

good Ed's interview

NPR 10/11

Thom+Ed interview on TKOL

Mojo 11/11

Stanley interview

Creative review 4/11

Stanley on newspaper album artwork and package

Uncut 4/11

Jonny interview



worlds best 9/10

Stanley & John Matthias interview

worlds best 9/10

Stanley & John Matthias interview

bbc-6 6/10

Ed talks to Adam Baxton about everything!

Believer 8/09

Thom on InRainbows and new directions 3/08

nice Stanley interview due to his Tokyo exibition

Mojo 2/08

a classic story of making 'In rainbows'

Trax 1/08

band interview (translated from French)

NME 12/07

Thom, Johnny & Stanley talk to NME

Observer 12/07

band doing fan's Q&A

Flemish 12/07

band interview (translated from dutch)

HUMO 12/07

Phil, Jonny & Colin nice interview (eng.translation)

e-weekly 11/07

Jonny & PTA interview on 'There Will Be Blood'

Juxtapose 8/07

Stanley big interview + illustrations

NewStatesman 6/07

Stanley answers 10 all-time questions

Belgian mag. 5/07

Stanley big interview

Royal magazine 1/07

Stanley interview



Paste 8/06

Thom interview on Eraser



GQ 8/05

Stanley interview

Third way 10/04

Thom's important interview on himself

Snoozer 4/04

Stanley talks about ComLag (in japanese)

Q special 7/03

Thom's important interview on HTTT

BANG 7/03

Stanley interview

Mojo 7/03

Radiohead interview + essays

VPRO 6/03

Jonny's interview

MTV 6/03

Radiohead interview

Les Inrocks 4/03

very 1st HTTT interview, with Jonny

Magic 4/03

interview stuff from rh special (mostly on HTTT)

'Q' 12/02

Thom, Ed & Nigel interview

JunkFood 5/02

Stanley Donwood interview



Mojo 5/01

great Thom's interview on 'Amnesiac

Blender 7/01

Thom answers fan's questions

MTV 10/01

Radiohead on euro-MTV

Yahoo! 8/01

yahoo! chat with Johnny 6/01

 Radiohead from A to Z: Colin's interview

les Inrock. 5/01

Jonny's interview with Jeanne Loriod,
his idol and Ondes Martenot player #1

CUTW 11/00

Stanley's interview

Rip it Up 10/00

Stanley's interview on kid A

SPIN 10/00

Thom's huge interview

NME 5/01

Thom's huge int. (1st for the last 5 years)




Thom's int. from the Tibetan festival

Uncut 1/99

Tom Sheehan (camera-man) on Radiohead

Uncut 1/99

Grant Gee on shooting 'Meeting People is Easy'

Raygun 3/98

Fridge Buzz Now: Thom & Ed's interview (can be seen in MPIE)



'Q' 10/97

Thom's classical OKC-era interview

Mojo 9/97

'we have lift-off': great overall essay on Radiohead's history

'Q' 6/97

band interview



ATN 4/96

Thom & Jonny interview

int. 6/96

Thom's interview from the «Green Plastic Watering Can»

M.Maker 10/95

Shiny unhappy people: band interview

NME 5/95

Radio-Daze: band interview

M.Maker 4/95

New rock martyr in making?

NME 3/95

I rate myself and I want to dive: band interview



NME 10/94

A lung and whining road: with Radiohead on the road

M.Maker 10/94

Radio-unfriendly unit-shifters

deadeye mag. 10/94

Thom's cool video-interview (transcript)


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